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Shoes designer for women

The shoes designer is specialised in creating original, innovative and practical footwear; in some cases he realizes works of art, and Pellico,with his experience, perfectly represents the craftsmanship of Made in Italy luxury.

Our designer first of all starts from the study and the optimization of the graphic draft: the idea of a unique and attentive to the latest trends in fashion shoe comes out.

The design allows us to recreate the most instinctive and imaginative currents of the artist-stylist Luca Pampagnin, who has been the Brand's first designer for years, and to translate them into elegant and always new lines, all the time in tune with the constantly renewing market, that give comfort and spontaneity to them who are wearing Pellico shoes.

The Riviera del Brenta has always been a perfect partner to Pellico's creations, giving them a great tradition and, at the same time, a strong push towards foreign countries, which have always sought in our collections the true craftsmanship of Made in Italy.

Pellico has in fact always been active outside of Italy, appreciated and recognized even in exhibitions and fairs.

Through the refined hand of the designer and the influence of French fashion, the lasts and the different models of our collection are created. The intent is to create original and fashionable shoes, with sinuous and elegant lines that give elegance and spontaneity to the wearer.

The shoes are precious and unique in details, as only those who have dedicated years of studying and training can put in place; becoming a shoe designer requires talent, skill, and above all a great determination.

Experience the quality of our shoes and fall in love with our special style, perfect for any occasion!

The company is located in Fossò in via Pava 16/1 (VE), in the heart of the Riviera del Brenta.

For any further information contact us at 041 466344, write to the e-mail address or fill out the form you will find on our website

Shoes designer for women - Luxury Italian shoes for women, Pellico brand

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